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When you really know the numbers, you can grow the numbers. Especially your bottom line.

Someone once said we should study history so we won’t make the mistakes of the past. Our Business Intelligence Group takes it a step further by analyzing historical, current and predictive views of data through efficient data capture, organization and storage.

We then leverage the data by using industry-leading technology, which allows you to optimize strategic development and business decision-making. This, in turn, can increase your profitability and efficiency.

All of which means you can go to market with confidence, knowing that your decisions are backed by hard data.

  • Business Intelligence Tools We Employ.

  • Real Time Reporting
    We utilize customer data to drive decisions and actions through on-demand and real time dashboarding and interactive reporting interfaces.
  • Enterprise Portal Reporting
    From enterprise to departmental reporting, our technology enables Magnify Business Intelligence Analysts to rapidly create reporting, deploy security, and develop auditing initiatives to customized specifications.
  • Business-Driven Data Mart Design and Integration
    We work with clients to rapidly develop and optimize enterprise metadata to construct and define data marts for reporting and statistical modeling initiatives. Our analysts optimize the integration of disparate data sources into a content-rich data mart for end user consumption. 
  • On Demand Reporting
    Manual data inputs and legions of analysts piecing together reports are no longer required. Magnify has developed a reporting framework that is both robust and easily auditable. Quickly dive into report utilization by IP, user, department, processing time and other custom features through the click of a mouse.

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